• Geophone - SM-24

This product actually enables you to get the highest performance in seismic exploration based upon field-proven I/O Sensor technology. It can easily be read by a microcontroller since it works through translating ground movement into voltage.
The amazing characteristics it has are the following:
• Low distortion
• combined with excellent specifications
• provide high-fidelity data
Which means that it's a super low frequency microphone for the ground! *badum tish*
Note that it works just fine for all of your 2-D & 3-D seismic exploration needs with bandwidth from 10 Hz up to 240 Hz. Get it now!



  • Tight specification, low-distortion vertical geophone
  • Extended spurious over 240 Hz, allowing full bandwidth at 2-ms sampling
  • Sensitivity of 28.8 V/m/s



Product pictures and description are of Sparkfun.com

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Geophone - SM-24

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