• LilyPad LED Micro - Red (5pcs)

It’s considered like a smaller version of the LilyPad LED board, how is that?
Basically, this was done by several changes such as:
• Eliminating the resistor
• Changing orientation of the surface mount LED

Since the board got shrunken, it started fitting more designs and sheer fabrics in such an elegant way, and most importantly, it doesn’t require extra weights or board space, all of this made it become really close to actually sewing a point of light directly with your project.

Over powering and burning boards can occur since it doesn’t include a current-limiting resistor, and what helps in protecting the Micros from high current is the high resistance of conductive thread, so long stitches can be used with most power sources to keep the power levels 'Micro-friendly'. Note that these are sold in strips of five boards which can be snapped apart with pliers, other might be already snapped apart.

Note: These are sold in strips of five boards which can be snapped apart with pliers. Some, however, may come as loose pieces that are already snapped apart.


[Product pictures and description are courtesy of Sparkfun.com]

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LilyPad LED Micro - Red (5pcs)

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